Ginger shamrocks

And now for something completely different. Sometimes holiday cookies are not Christmas cookies. Surprise!

These three-inch-in-diameter cookies are sweet with brown sugar, and crisp and buttery like a homemade gingersnap ought to be. Spiced with lots of ginger and with a little cinnamon and vanilla, they are as light and perfect for a cool, rainy afternoon in September as I imagine they would be for a chilly midday in March.

I own neither a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter nor a shamrock-shaped cookie press. In such cases of first-world deprivation, Sharon Tyler Herbst suggests making a stencil for sprinkling green sugar in a shamrock shape on the cookies before baking, and so I did that using a scrap piece of paper board.

How is it that I do not own an x-acto knife? In my youth when I needed one frequently, I could not afford one along with all the expensive paints and brushes and papers and canvases. But now? Oh well. For this wee bit of delicate work I used a box cutter. And despite Bruce’s frequent checking-in to make sure I had not severed a digit or limb in the process, I managed not to maim myself even once!


About pattiblaine

Raised under the name of Snyder in the upstate NY town of Vestal, I've worked as a typesetter, a fast food salad bar tender, an art reviewer, a waitress, a part-time nanny, and a very-bad-with-phones temp. Once upon a time I was all-but-thesis toward a Masters in Art History. Now I'm just a mom with a lot of fiber squirreled away throughout the house. We call it insulation. In 2013 I completed a life-long learning program at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, and am a postulant toward the diaconate in the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, NY. In addition to coordinating volunteers for the soup kitchen, I volunteer as a tutor at a deeply impoverished city elementary school, and am a docent at the Memorial Art Gallery.
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