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In which I should not knit, but do. Continue reading

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Slice of life

Out walking Carmen the dog yesterday, we came upon Harry, our letter-carrier, taking his cigarette break and reading the paper. Carmen, in search of easy access to bits of milkbone she knows he carries in his bag, was trying to … Continue reading

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Carmen, the southern belle of a dog

This is Carmen the dog’s second winter in upstate NY. I should probably amend that… This coming winter will be her second. Sigh. Winter, alas, is here. Early, and often. Seems like just last week Harry the letter-carrier was delivering … Continue reading

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Bright beginnings

Yesterday ended with snow. Not much, but the heavy and wet kind followed by a freezing cold night. Today began with sunshine and those wonderful bright blue shadows you can only find on sunny, fresh snow mornings. I ran some … Continue reading

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The past two weeks have been crazy here. I’ve been sick. Kate wrapped up her participation in a middle school musical — that sounds neat and tidy compared to what actually occurs when one wraps up a middle school musical. … Continue reading

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