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We interrupt this week…

Usually these events occur on weekends, and there is a chance to celebrate and breathe a bit shortly after. We did that anyway after last night’s performance, but we are paying for it today, a Wednesday, and will no doubt … Continue reading

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I am sitting in a coffee-shop near where Kate is attending a make-up session of her History of Western Music class. It’s her last of the year, and although she is very good at it, she is glad to be … Continue reading

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Travel bulletin, with photos

I do not often travel alone with Kate other than to Eastman or the grocery store, but those do not count. This past weekend was one of the rare times we left behind Bruce and Carmen the dog and spent … Continue reading

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Too many cookies

This is my primary role in life currently: Being the mom and general caregiver to the resident 14½ year-old pianist and middle school student. Which means getting her to lessons and classes, making sure she follows through on practicing, gets … Continue reading

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March meshugas

I’m going to warn you right up front that this particular post is full of randomness. Apologies and strong cautionary advice to look away immediately if you’re not fascinated by or tolerant of incoherence. Seriously. First, it’s Robert Frost’s birthday, … Continue reading

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Another Saturday musically disappeared

We spent most of the afternoon and evening at Eastman yesterday. Kate had a piano jury for which she played scales, the Chopin etude below, a Bach prelude and fugue, Barber’s Pas de Deux, and a movement from a Beethoven … Continue reading

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How I spent my Saturday afternoon

Kate Blaine, Kilbourn Hall, ESM — 5 February 2011 Life is good.

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