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Night-time winter wonderland

Last night, while walking Carmen the dog, I played a bit with the Pentax in the snow. It was a long and beautiful walk, and we only went once around the block. Such a good and patient dog.

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Spring revisited

This morning there was snow on the ground again. It’s gone now, but there may be more again tomorrow. This push-pull between winter and spring is getting quite old. That’s all I’ll say about that. And I have a cold. … Continue reading

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The great reset/La grande remise

I know winter is barely begun, but look! Remember the last post with the distracting photos of snow? (Yes, I know it’s been a while… Holidays, paper to write, I’ve been a little busy.) The picture on the left is … Continue reading

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Carmen, the southern belle of a dog

This is Carmen the dog’s second winter in upstate NY. I should probably amend that… This coming winter will be her second. Sigh. Winter, alas, is here. Early, and often. Seems like just last week Harry the letter-carrier was delivering … Continue reading

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Bright beginnings

Yesterday ended with snow. Not much, but the heavy and wet kind followed by a freezing cold night. Today began with sunshine and those wonderful bright blue shadows you can only find on sunny, fresh snow mornings. I ran some … Continue reading

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