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The kite-wreck tour

One of the several things Bruce in particular likes to do when we are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is fly kites on the north edge of Lake Michigan. Our first day there was beautiful, if a bit gusty and so, … Continue reading

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Note to self: Vacations are good for you and should be long and occur with more regularity

Until a few weeks ago, we had not had a proper vacation in three years. Sure, we have traveled now and then, usually connected to a work- or piano-related event that required staying in a hotel away from home for … Continue reading

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Sugar Bush Softies

I promised myself I would not make fun of the name of this cookie. It sounds vaguely naughty though, doesn’t it? Yes, these are soft cookies. They are of the drop variety and despite the frosting they are easy to … Continue reading

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Soggy Sunday

Yesterday, as it was the first and last free day we had during blueberry season and disregarding threatening rain (sort of disregarding, that is, as in Bruce brought a raincoat, Kate and I did not) we set off on our … Continue reading

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Ruminations on legumes and locusts

This past spring I ordered seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library, an excellent seed source I learned about a couple of years ago from a friend who lives in Australia when she surprised me with a membership (art packs are … Continue reading

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Linzer squares

Also known as Linzer Törtchen, from Austria. Sharon Tyler Herbst (The Joy of Cookies) says she based this cookie on the Viennese Linzertorte. Ground hazelnuts in the dough, a layer of semi-sweet chocolate under the red raspberry jam filling, and … Continue reading

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Sweet caramel-pecan bars and bitter disappointment

Through a series of unfortunate events beyond our control, plans for amusement park visits this summer have been called off not once but three times. Mind you, these were successively planned visits that had to be cancelled for varying reasons; … Continue reading

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